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Vintage Sweet Meteor o’ Death Stickers

From $5.25

Ready to laugh at the apocalypse? Get your Vintage Sweet Meteor o’ Death Stickers and show the world your cosmic sense of humor!

These stickers aren’t just any stickers. They’re printed on high-opacity adhesive vinyl, ensuring you can cover up anything – other stickers, paint, or that regrettable bumper sticker from 2016. With a 95µ density, these stickers are built to last through the end times and beyond.

SMOD promises to solve all our problems by simply ending everything. They’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so whether you’re decorating your laptop or your car, they’ll stick around.

Fast and easy bubble-free application means no fuss, no mess. Just clean the surface before applying, and you’re good to go. These stickers are not just about humor; they’re about making a statement. Join the fun and decorate your world with a touch of the inevitable.

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