The biggest unbigoted and unbiased America is Over Party candidate for president

Sick of Trump

So am I!  So how about I land right on top of the White House?

Giving up on Change?

There is no better change than a complete erasure of society, and all life, on Earth.

Sweet, Sweet Release

I’ll solve all of your problems in one high impact statement on election day.

Some call me Ghroth the Harbinger, for I have visited their worlds and left them shattered. Some call me Nemesis or the Death Star.

Humanity even tries to appease me by saying I am the Sweet Meteor of Death.

I don’t care what you call me.

I am the ultimate herald of doom. The extinction-level event that you beg for when annihilation is preferable to living in a Trumpian hellhole.

I hear you America.

You are trapped between a carnival barker and a career criminal in your election.

End it.